fall tree care

Why is Fall Tree Care Important?

Straight periods of extreme heat can weaken your trees and making them more prone to infestations. Helping your trees begin to recover after the hot conditions and they come into winter, it is important to protect their long-term health, which also makes them protecting by the storms. Unless your trees got an adequate water during the summer days or months, they may be more susceptible disease and pest and more susceptible to harsh winter conditions.

It is also important to remember that having a proper tree care starts when you choose a tree and what you do to your tree in the first few years of life will affect its strength, shape and even their life span. Following these tips will make sure that your trees gets on the correct foot and keep it in healthy throughout its life.


At the first of autumn in UK, stop watering your trees until the leaves fall from the trees. When the leaves have fallen from the trees, then water your trees until the ground freezes. This will make sure your trees have enough water to live through the winter season in UK.


After you have watering your trees, try to apply a good layer of wood mulch around your trees. Make sure you do not pack the mulch directly in the trunk, this possible can lead to rot. The mulch will help keep the soil of trees make warmer as temperatures drop in the fall. In addition, the mulch will slowly break down, giving more nutrients into the soil. You trees can draw on these nutrients on the next spring as it begins growing again. 

Tree Fertilization

Fertilizing in early fall make strengthen the roots of your trees and plants during the cold winter months. Since it was so dry and hot during the summer season, new fertilizer will help restore nutrition and keep the trees stay healthy.


Late fall is an excellent time to for the care of your trees to help you prepare your shrubs and trees for winter. Pruning in fall can help protect your trees from harsh winter storms so they will bloom as vibrant as possible after spring. When the leaves have fallen and the tree’s branch structure is more able to see, the spread of possible insect infestations or disease pathogens is less likely.


Most trees have a better chance to obtain their roots established because of the cooler temperatures. Another one of the advantage to planting trees during the fall season in UK is that many location discount their plant stock.

This autumn season in UK, just make sure that you remember to spend some time caring for your trees on your property. They will surely thank you in the spring with more plentiful, vibrant leaves. If you want a tree care service to help pruning, trimming or remove your trees. The professional tree service have the knowledge and skills to provide your trees with good care and service through all seasons.

With a little care and love, your trees can be healthy and beautiful year round. You can use these fall season tree care tips to use the benefits of doing so.