healthy tree

Old trees are a valuable commodity in your compound because they take a year to establish and then become beautiful specimens that give shade and year-round benefit to environment. Protecting your trees by keeping them healthy is an effective way to invest in the long-term look of your landscape. 

It is easy to take old trees for granted since they always do so well, and give great beauty and enjoyment, without much help from people. Although intense weather events can take their toll. Try these five steps to make sure that your trees are healthy and will survive strong wind, heavy rain and other possible risk in your trees.

1. Properly Water

watering tree

It is significance to know a tree’s must have moisture conditions, even if they receiving enough water from rainfall alone. But your trees need no extra watering in the winter season unless they’ve been recently planted. A tree needs to be irrigated in the heat of summer season or during drought conditions. Unusual, deep watering is the suggested schedule for trees. Preferably, the tree is planted in the right place and flourish in existing soil conditions, if you aren’t sure if your tree is sited correctly, get the advice of a professional tree service in UK.

2. Fertilize Your Tress

Natural plant materials feed the soil around trees in the forest. But in our yards and compounds, we remove and rake all those natural nutrients, such as grass clippings and leaves. Fertilizing your trees can solves that problem. Try to apply a slow-release fertilizer regularly to release nutrients into the soil. The best amounts should be applied during the summer months and early spring. Several light applications a year are suggested as the tree gets older and test your soil periodically to check if any elements are missing or in short supply.

3. Prune properly

A dormant winter season is a best time to prune trees before they proceed in any new growth in the spring. Look at the overall form of your tree and choose which branches need to be removed. For those with black thumbs or who are new to pruning thing, it is a best idea to hire a professional tree service in UK who can teach and advice you the proper techniques or can simply do the pruning task for you. 

4. Mulch Your Tree

Mulching is the most beneficial thing you can do for the health of your trees. Mulches are materials put on the soil surface to improve soil structure, temperature, oxygen levels and moisture availability. Mulching trees can also helps keep their roots cooler in hot weather and it helps prevent soil erosion in some cases. Properly applied, mulch can give landscapes a handsome and well-groomed appearance. But remember to put a mulch in right amount, too much mulch can harm your trees.

5. Maintain Them

Lastly, you will need to make sure that every trees you own is well-maintained. Even if that tree you want to save was hit by lightning or cut accidentally, the stump can eventually regenerate. You may call a professional tree service to help you out with whatever tree care questions and concerns you have, they will provide a plan of action on how to help you.