When to Call an Emergency Tree Service in UK

tree service uk

If you have damaged trees or limbs on your property, they can create a significant risk. They can possible damage your home, damage electric lines and cause serious injuries or even death. In this kind if situations, you must contact a professional emergency tree service in UK right away.

Tree services can examine the state of your tree, remove the damaged trees or branches, or even remove the tree altogether. To help keep your family, your home safe and even you neighbor’s property watch for these signs that indicate you need a tree service.

After Disaster

After a storm, heavy rain or hurricane, make sure to inspect your property that can damage to trees or your home. Broken branches or limbs, leaning tree trunks, a tree leaning against another tree or other structure and trees touching your home or electrical lines are all situations that need an immediate call to a professional emergency tree service company. Check for root exposure and soil erosion. These can be caused by heavy rain or flooding, and make your tree weak and fall.

Trees That May Fall

If you discover that the trunk of one of your trees is weak, the tree is a may become in danger. Weak trees can stay alive for years, but their strength is severely not sure, and they can fall anytime. Trees can naturally grow at any form and angle, but if you saw that a tree is suddenly leaning, there is a possibly chance that the tree roots are weakened or have broken. Calling a tree service expert examine the tree to know if it is safe to leave in the ground.

A tree can be possible healthy from the outside but in fact, it may be weakened causing of disease and possible danger of falling. Warning signs to look for the cavities in the trunk, a hollowed trunk, dead, missing bark, deep cracks or falling branches. The good way of ensuring that your trees remain safe and healthy is to call a regular tree service. Having your trees maintained, trimmed and inspected by professionals can help them grow in a good condition, look attractive, and remain free of disease.

Selling Your Home

A good landscape will give your property more value and beautiful. If you have an old tree in your yard that may result in lower chances of attracting your potential buyers. Proper trim and kept trees will make a big difference to your home. The realtor may suggest that you need to remove the trees or trim them to keep the home looking appealing to your buyer. Trimming trees and removing dead branches will increase the curb appeal of your property. In addition to increasing the attractiveness of property, removing the dead parts or diseased tree will also allow sunlight into the yard making the other trees healthier and that will increase the value of your property.

It is important that you call a tree service in UK for the emergency tree removal to avoid trees falling on your property, electricity lines, cars or even your neighbor’s properties and avoid getting dangerous disease or parasites to your clothes or things and catching the disease.