Used Car Philadelphia

How to Find a Reliable Used Car Dealer in Philadelphia

Let’s face it; buying a car is not easy these days – especially if we’re talking about a used car. In most cases, buying a car will might very well be a very expensive purchase. And since you care about your time and money, it’s very important to find a good vehicle. And of course, you want to pay a fair price for it. You basically have two options: you either buy a new car, or you find a good car dealer and purchase a used car. We realize used car dealers are not very popular, but keep in mind that not all companies are the same. There are still good, reliable dealers in Philadelphia who care about their customers. But how do you find these hidden gems?

New Car or Used Car?

Before we get to the part where we discuss used car dealers in Philadelphia, let’s talk a bit about your next car. Do you want a new car? Or maybe a used car is the better option for you. The debate can go on for hours, so let’s just show you some of the benefits we think you should keep in mind when deciding what to do next:

  • A new car’s price takes a hit the moment the vehicle leaves the dealership. You can buy that car after two or three years for almost half the price of buying new (and we’re talking about cars with relatively low mileage).
  • You have to pay sales tax on both new and used cars, unfortunately. However, the sales tax is lower on used cars because of the lower price, so you instantly save money. At the time of writing, the sales tax is 6 to 8 percent in Pennsylvania.
  • Registration fees are sometimes lower for used cars. This depends on your state.
  • Used cars often come with very nice features, for half the money. Do you really need all the expensive extras on a new car?
  • Insurance is usually a lot cheaper when we’re talking about used cars. Insurance rates for new vehicles can get pretty high pretty quickly.
  • You don’t pay all the – sometimes ridiculous – fees imposed by various new car dealers. Rust-proofing, dealer preparation and destination fees are just some of them.
  • Used cars will keep going for years. Cars are made to last well over 100,000 miles, so a pre-owned vehicle with 50,000 on its clock is still young.

The Benefits of Buying From Used Car Dealers

Used car dealers have gotten a bad rap because of some companies and their shady business practices. But the reality is that most used car dealers in Philadelphia are actually very considerate people. Yes, they need to make a living too, so they apply the buy cheap, sell high strategy. But this doesn’t mean the vehicles are in bad shape or that the dealer is looking to scam its clients.

Some of the benefits of buying a used car from a dealer include:

  • You buy a vehicle from a company that values its reputation. A reliable dealer won’t try to hide the defects or lie about the condition of the vehicle.
  • You get all the assurance you need. Used cars are usually inspected at the used car dealership and, in many cases, the company offers warranty.
  • You can access various financing products. An individual seller could never offer you any of these.
  • The chances of buying a lemon from a dealership are slim, if you choose a reliable used car dealership.
  • A company won’t take your money and disappear. You always know where to find them if you encounter any problems with the car.

Finding a Trustworthy Used Car Dealer in Philadelphia

Now that you know the benefits of buying a used car from a trustworthy dealer, it’s time to find out how you can find one in Philadelphia. The best way to find a good dealer is, of course, to search online for reviews about it. What do other people have to say about its vehicles and services? The next thing you want to do is visit the dealership in person and talk to the salespeople. You should expect everyone to be professional, responsive and polite. The last thing to do if you want to find a reliable used car dealer in Philadelphia is to make sure the company has legal certification, that it has a good track record, and that it provides warranty on its vehicles. This way, you are 100% protected in case of a problem.